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Who we are - Business Process Transformation

Performance Management. Business Process Transformation.

With offices in London and Cheltenham in the United Kingdom and associates and partners across Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, the Amplifier Group is an experienced team of experts in business process transformation, marketing communications, change management, organisational behaviour, reputation management, leadership training and applied creativity for business. We believe it is the blend of these skills that makes us different and gives us a unique insight on what businesses need to do to response to the challenges and opportunities in the market today.

We also share a common belief – that ‘Commercial Creativity’ – creative thinking with a defined commercial purpose – is a business-critical asset in the change management and business transformation process.  The business world has dramatically changed in the last 20 years, and requires organisations to think more differently and act more rapidly and with more agility than ever before. These can’t be achieved by thinking and acting the same way they have until now. Radical shifts in technology and business processes that have impacted on business require a radical business transformation strategy in response. This is what we do and we are passionate about it.

Grounded strategic advice & goal orientated transformation

We understand how to change a business culture and deliver strong, considered strategic advice, powerful creative thinking, business transformation and leadership workshops and programmes and powerful performance management consultancy services. But, we don’t think or act like management consultants because we are business people first, and as such, we recognise the practicalities and realities of how businesses run on a day-to-day basis, and they are not always aligned with the theories in a management text book!

“Paul is passionate about working with leadership teams to integrate applied creative thinking into the heart of businesses; enhancing productivity and innovation, and helping them to reach peak performance.”

We value creativity in business

We believe the most successful companies and leaders of the future will be those drive business process transformation by harnessing and integrating commercially-focused creative thinking tools and techniques into their cultures to help them become more consistently productive, enterprising, innovative and instinctive in an ever more competitive and uncertain world.

If you want to find out more about our experience or how we work with businesses to improve their performance, productivity and profit, just get in touch.

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