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All this talk of user experience is not a broken record

user experience

Just about every article I read these days on branding, marketing, technology and sales talks at some point about the increasing importance of the user experience – the need to bring brands and products ever closer to customers by making the whole journey as personal, personalised and positive as possible. However, there is an irony …read more

In any event it’s the ‘why’ that matters

innovation training

There’s been a lot of commentary in innovation training over the past few years about the decline of the exhibitions industry. Tightening budgets, sometimes bland and apparently rudderless marketing and declining visitor and exhibitor numbers all seem to suggest at face value that exhibitions, and by virtue the  industry that surrounds it, is in perpetual …read more

More than words is all you have to do to make it real

More than words

Some of you may recognise the title of this blog from the 1990 hit song ‘More Than Words’, by American band, Extreme. A great song, and it introduced the amazing talents (and hair) of lead singer, and Gary Cherone and guitarist, Nuno Bettencourt, to the world. However, 27 years’ later, I’m increasingly finding that it …read more

Who am I, where am I

corporate mindset change

It’s no revelation that the public relations industry has been going through a bit of an identity crisis for a while due to corporate mindset change. In this ever-evolving and fluid multi-channel world, what exactly is the PR industry supposed to be, today and tomorrow: PR agencies? Comms agencies? Integrated marketing agencies? Content? Digital? UX? …read more

Five things that stop companies embracing creative thinking

creative thinking

Creativity is one of the buzzwords of business today. It’s well recognised all businesses need to think smarter, more creatively and strategically in order to keep innovating, growing and being successful. However, there are often so many perceived and real barriers in the way to adopting and integrating an effective creative thinking process into a …read more

Putting creativity at the heart of business

creative thinking for businesses

For those of us who started our careers in the 80s or 90s, I bet most of us heard the phrase ‘You don’t have to be crazy to work here but it helps’ at least once from a potential employer as they painted the picture of their business as a ‘crazzzy place, full of crazzzy …read more

The illusion of the great idea and the fear that stops us having it

leadership training

As someone who works in leadership training, we can all think of examples in both our professional and personal lives of great ideas – from funny or thought-provoking advertising campaigns to industry-disrupting technologies like Spotify or the design and development of the iPhone and so on. Beautiful, fun, intelligent, clever and creative ideas are at …read more

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