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What we offer as creativity consultants

Creativity Consultants delivering Cultures of Commercial Success

  • At the Amplifier Group, we offer a wide range of performance management, business transformation and creative consultancy, services, programmes and workshops built on a solid platform of Commercial Creativity™, innovative thinking and robust business and marketing strategies.
  • We work with each company to create a tailored programme – a powerful mix of creative thinking consultancy, intensive and insightful programmes and workshops that address their exact needs. Our programmes include:
  • Building a Culture of Entrepreneurship: A series of workshops or a fully immersive programme that provides senior leaders and management with tools and techniques to help create a culture that has innovative and entrepreneurial thinking at its heart
  • Transformational Leadership Training: workshops to help equip the leaders of today with the skill sets they need for the to run the businesses of tomorrow
  • The Role of Creative Thinking in Business Transformation:  A seminar on the importance of creativity and creative thinking for businesses today and how to change a business culture to one that embraces creativity.
  • Commercialising Creativity Workshops: This workshop outlines how to take great creative ideas and innovations from conception to finished product.
  • Peak Performance in Leadership: Consistently performing at your peak is a challenge for any leader. These workshops provide teams leaders with advice and techniques on how to focus, prioritise and be present so you can work towards consistent peak performance in your role.

Communicating Brand Vision and Purpose: effective communicating with all stakeholders, and especially employees, is critical to ensuring everyone understands what your business stands for and it core commercial and cultural purpose. This workshop outlines how to build a robust internal and external communications plan that aligns your purpose with your people

Other workshops and programmes include:

  • Managing Change in Business:
  • Rapid Prototyping and Innovation
  • Performance Management Training
  • Better Brainstorming with more Creativity
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking for Managers
  • Building a more Agile Workforce
  • Creativity and innovation in Business

“More than ever, applied creative thinking – taking the creative thinking process and applying it to operational and commercial challenges and opportunities – is a critical component of modern business.”

Creative Cultures.
Considered Consultancy.
Commercial Creativity.

Speak to us and to discuss how we can tailor one of our extensive range of workshops or programmes to suit your exact needs and help you build your business for the future. Workshops can be held at client offices or at our offices in London and Cheltenham.

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