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What we do - managing change in business

Putting commercial creativity™ at the heart of business

Managing change in business

We help companies manage change, transform and become more successful by…

  • building a more creative, entrepreneurial, performance-orientated culture and business environment, one that are more collaborative and goal-focused and open to positive change
  • empowering leaders, executives, employees and other stakeholders to be braver and more courageous in their decision making
  • By putting people at the centre of the digital and cultural transformation process, helping them to think more strategically, innovatively and commercially about the challenges and opportunities in front of them

Enhancing Business Performance. Accelerating Business Transformation

Our propriety ‘Amplified Creative Thinking™ (ACT) for Peak Performance’ management consultancy services, creative thinking training, business strategy workshops, leadership training programmes and business agility workshops all aim to deliver enhanced business performance and accelerated business transformation. They do this by providing an extensive set of solid creative, strategic and analytical tools with a strong commercial base that can be used at every level of business to help manage change, increase performance and bring structure to the strategic and creative thinking process. These tools aim to:

  • Keep businesses, leadership, management and employees focused their key objectives,  drilling down to their ‘why’ they exist, their principles and values and what they are trying to achieve culturally and commercially
  • Help shorten the development cycle and time to market for new concepts and products
  • Increase and encourage courageous and calculated innovation across all levels a company
  • Help ensure great ideas don’t lose momentum from the conceptual stage to the delivery stages of the product development process
  • Improving employee engagement and communication in the change management and transformation process by building robust, comprehensive and inclusive communications plans
  • Turn good ideas into great ideas through structured creative collaboration in powerful creativity workshops
  • Help to maximise commercial opportunities as they arise by formalising processes and encouraging entrepreneurial thinking
  • Ensure the management of change is more strategic and considered
  • Commercialise creativity by providing a structure to get a project over the finish line and to market
  • Integrate true creative and innovation thinking into the culture of the company by providing tools and techniques that can be activated across the business


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